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White tea may refer to one of several styles of tea which generally feature young or minimally processed leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant and can be called as healthier version of all the Tea or Best Tea among all the Teas

White Tea Blends by Kashayam Blend – Shillong Foodies

How it all started ?

In our interaction with Aishwarya Chinmay, CEO of Kashayam Blends, she shares how this beautiful nature blened idea was born.

“It all started from Ri-bhoi. My husband was posted there as a DC and we were bestowed with a lovely house and surrounding.”

“Not being much of a planned garden person I insisted on keeping the wild growths and one such nature’s blessing was the butterfly pea flower (Bneng blue blend, silver bneng).”

They had just shifted to healthier tea options that’s when white tea the delicate royal silver needles made its way to our cups.

It was an instinctive accord made them blend the two and their very first blend was born. Thirteen blends down the line it has been a journey of constant quest in the wild to ethically harvest what nature has in store.

Kashayam blends which was a mere concept driven enterprise was formalised and guided by Mr. Priyam Chauhan with his marketing skills we were leaped from a home interest to a cottage industry.

Difficulties to Glory

The real difficulty was to convince the educated and science driven people about their experience. So all our blends had to be perfected and lab tested before being launched.

And once they made that happen, they are getting orders from across India from Jammu to Bangalore and Odisha to Mumbai also UK, Bhutan, Dubai and US has been their order destinations.

Why White tea is Healthier than any other Tea ?

“Talking of white tea it’s the very tip, the bud, the summit of the camellia sinensis (Tea tree) so it goes without saying that it is a powerhouse of the rich anti-oxidants and catechins that the miracle shrub has to offer.”

White tea is good for your Children

“Also it’s the least processed form of tea and hence has the least caffeine content.”

From helping in weight loss by improving metabolism to anxiety relief and its anti-inflammatory properties the benefits of white tea are immense and time tested.

Variants Of White Tea

Kashayam has over 13 blends. As a respect towards the land (Meghalaya), they have named few of their blends with local terms. The Bneng Blue, Silver Bneng, Syntiew rose, Kumno Fitness to name a few.

Variants of White tea -n Shillong Foodies

These blends have ingredients from Sikkim, Assam, Arunachal and most pre-dominantly Meghalaya.  The blends have flowers, spices and the white teas.

How can you purchase this amazing blends ?

Well there are multiples ways to get the products from Kashayam Blends

  • Mar Bah Hub, 2nd floor Police Bazar Shillong.
  • Ecommerce platform – Flipkart, India Mart.
  • Social media platforms – Facebook, Instagram, twitter, linkedin, youtube
  • Also Visit Their website – www.kashayamblends.com

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