Superb Biryani in Shillong by Mario Restaurant | 2021

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Biryani in Shillong

The Best Biryani in Shillong I had in the 150-200 segment.
The place is Mario, near Suruchi hotel Meghalaya Transport Corporation Building.

Perfectly cooked. Awesome aroma. I could actually experience biryani taste.
One thing I loved the most was that they used birista in good quantity so that taste of the onions were giving some extra taste to the dish.

The chicken was perfectly cooked and well marinated, the spices were properly infused.
I was very curious about the biryani so I asked the staff about it and the spices they were using, they said that the masala is from Kolkata (biryani) and has been made with whole spices, roasted, and grounded.

It cost me 170 and it was worth every bit. But there is a BIG “BUT” 🤦 They don’t make it daily, it is only available on-demand because of lack of space in their kitchen.

👌They had 40 biryani orders so included our 3 biryani with it. Considering myself as lucky to get it 😉.

One thing I noticed is that birista changes biryani taste to the next level. It has some sweetened taste,l and when it gets infused with spices it is so perfect.

Do ask them for biryani, you never know, if demand increases they might start making it daily.

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