Foodsmoke | This Start-up Can Stop Food Scarcity in the World 2021

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foodsmoke powder

Ever wondered how this ever increasing population can lead to food scarcity in the world and we have limited land to live upon and to produce our food.

Around 67 Million tonnes of food is wasted every year only in India and its enough to feed all of Bihar for a year.

It is the very need of the hour to cut our food wastage and humanity needs innovative ways to meet our needs.

team aces, foodsmoke
Impact Summit Winners 2021

To encourage new innovations for better future The Hult Prize, an annual competition that crowd-sources ideas from university level students from more than 100 countries, challenging them to solve a pressing social around topics such as food security, water access, energy and education.

This year team ‘Aces’ from St. Anthony’s College, Shillong won the Impact Regional Summit of the Hult Prize Challenge 2021 and became first ever team from the North East India to Win the Impact Summit.

Team ‘Aces’, (Aushinar Dastidar (Captain), Ananya Bhattacharya, Akangsha Chakravorty and Muskan Singhania) will be going to London in this month of September, 2021 as per invitation from Hult Prize for a 4-day Impact retreat to work with like minded entrepreneurs and investors.

Speaking to Shillong Foodies Team Aces says This has changed their way of thinking and moving ahead in many ways, all for good.

Start-up by team ‘Aces’

We are team Aces, a team of four members.We are located in the city of Shillong, East-Khasi Hills, Meghalaya with our start-up ‘Foodsmoke‘. Our members or our Co-Founders are: CEO- Aushinar Dastidar; COO- Ananya Bhattacharya; CMO- Akangsha Chakravorty; CFO- Muskan Singhania, all current Biotechnology students of St Anthony’s College.

food made using foodsmoke powder
food made using foodsmoke powder

Vision behind Foodsmoke

Team Aces: Foodsmoke is a start-up that has a vision of working on reducing food loss and subsequently the enormous food wastage from the world, starting from our state.

We pick the vegetables that are ignored and then discarded due to its bad appearance or 2/3 degree vegetables from the farmers and vendors and process them with help of environmentally sustainable practices and finally turn them into food powders with high nutritional values for our customers.

Foodsmoke Product

We start from our state, but would always like to upscale our business to the national level and then think of something bigger.

It has a noble theme associated to our idea we feel and reaching out to as many farmers and then customers would be there on our action plan for future. Currently, with the environmentally aware vibe in the citizen, we feel our theme would resonate with our target customers.

Join Our Group of Foodies in Meghalaya

How did you come up with this amazing idea ?

Team Aces
Team Aces

None of us had any prior plans or ideas about beginning a start-up. The hult prize came as an opportunity during the COVID lockdown days and we thought to give it a go to try out something new.

When we realized it has a noble theme to it and can be a way of leaving a much-needed global impact on the environment, we were sure of participating.


Nothing more can motivate you than the idea of being able to serve the mankind via one of the necessities of life-that being food. That drew us to this competition and we started to take it up seriously. Even for our state of Meghalaya, it applies the same.

Meghalaya being a developing state wasting any amount of edible produce is not judicious. Also with the evolving years following development, it is seen that the rural sectors of our state have been deprived of employment and lack of knowledge of the urbanized functioning. Hence to bridge a gap between the two lifestyles serving both the sectors according to their needs is our prime idea.

How did u guys executed your idea ? and What are the challenges you guys had to face ?


Foodsmoke strives to fulfill its mission of uplifting the farmers by ethical purchasing of their neglected produce consequently improving their Socio economic conditions while generating as many employment opportunities that we can.

At the end of the day, the society should be a better place to live in. Our customers must get good, natural, harmless products that suit their preferences and Foodsmoke wishes to see itself as one of the leading food powder companies someday..

vegetables are in process to turn into powder

Instant powders are always preferable but seen as at times bad for health. We want to change that. Foodsmoke will like to give nutrition packed in form of instant powders and change the face of instant food.

Nothing bigger than the ongoing pandemic. Executing all the plans up-till now has been halted by the COVID in some phases.

But we feel grateful to our mentors, who have always gave us invaluable inputs in establishing our start-up in some way or the other, trying to find our footing through the digital platforms and constantly effort to improve and be better than we were yesterday.

Helping Hands in Team Aces Journey.


Prior to our semi-finals of the On Campus Round, we had a conversation regarding the marketing base of our start-up idea with Mr. Arki Nongrum, CEO and Founder of Infinite Solutions, Shillong and he still happens to be our mentor throughout all the rounds.

Our own professors, particularly, Professor Sona Lyndem of our Biotechnology department and Professor Meg Pyngrope helped us to tune up our pitch decks to make it more presentable and refined Along the way, we had the honor to get mentorship from Mr. B.K. Sohliya Director(retd), MIE and Mr.Banshai Dkhar helped us with all the business and law activities stepping. up as our legal advisor. They have contributed in so many ways and we are always grateful to each one of them.

What are the future opportunities you see with Foodsmoke ?

We will start from our state, but would always like to upscale our business to the national level and then think of something bigger.

It has a noble theme associated to our idea we feel and reaching out to as many farmers and then customers would be there on our action plan for future.

Currently, with the environmentally aware vibe in the citizen, we feel our theme would resonate with our target customers.

How many products you have developed till now and how many you expect or have planed to launch ?

We have made samples for around 56 consumers and have taken a Survey from which people have found our samples to be really delicious and healthy and have rated it 4.5 out of 5.

Once the product is fully launched we expect to reach upto 33,000 potential loyal customers all across North East and other parts of India by 2023.

How much Foodsmoke products are nutritional ?

We have sent our samples for testing in Mumbai, and results are awaited because of the ongoing pandemic and prolonged lockdown.

We expect that our Powders would retain 85-90% of the nutritional valued of the raw vegetables.

It is safe for children ?

Since nutritional and safety test results are awaited we would not answer this as of now.

But as an estimate the processing that is undergone to produce our powders is very natural and user friendly with natural preservatives makes our target audience lie under picky eaters(mostly children), health conscious adults, etc.

What will be the price value of your products and shelf life ? 

It will be 60 INR for 45 grams. The shelf life test is also under procedure in Mumbai. Shall be declared once received.

How & where can we purchase your products ?

With the launch of our product people can purchase it over calls or social media and later on through our website. The information about all these will be given in our social media handles soon so please keep a track.

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Shillong Foodies would like to thank all the members of Foodsmoke for interacting with us and providing us valuable information about their innovative Start-up. We wish them all the luck and success.

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