Best Bengali Restaurant In Shillong 2021 | Bengali Restaurant in Police Bazar

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We have listed the best Bengali restaurant in Shillong and if you are looking for some Bengali dishes then you must check out the list below.

Shillong is one of the most visited hill station in Northeast India and tourists needs best food for a happy holiday.

A Bengali Plate

Every year thousands of tourists visits Meghalaya from West Bengal and they contribute a lot to the summer tourist season.

Bengalis are typically very much foodie and they love fish the most and keeping their interest in mind we have selected some restaurants which they should visit if they or anyone want to try bengali food in Shillong.

We have our Food group in Facebook where you can ask for recommendation for the best foods in Shillong.

1. Baba Restaurant / Baba Lodge

Best Bengali Restaurant in Shillong

At number one we have kept Baba Restaurant, this restaurants is dedicated to Bengali and Assamese cuisine and arguably the best in the segment.

They serve the best Bengali dishes in Shillong city. Most of the food lovers visits Baba lodge for best Bengali food experience.

The restaurant have very good ambience, best to visit with family.

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How to reach

It is on G.S road near Lila Brothers opposite Broadway

Rates are not the high for a food lover but yet for an idea here is a menu to help you decide easily.

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2. Hotel Suruchi

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Suruchi is most visited Bengali restaurant in Shillong. They serve most satisfying food in terms of rates and taste. All the time they are full with Bengali and Assamese customer.

They place is very good for the people who is looking for a good meal and a decent ambience.

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The food here will make you feel like having something home cooked. At budget you will be as satisfied as home.

How to reach

To visit Suruchi just reach near MTC (Meghalaya Transport Corporation) just 20 steps straight on the footpath from the gate of MTC you will reach your destination

Olio Restaurant

Olio i also a very good restaurant but in a very budget segment , it is located just adjacent to Suruchi.

Olio Restaurant

This restaurant is good if you are in a tight budget and do not have any problem to compromise little bit with the taste then you can go for it.

Olio Restauranrt Menu

Restaurant is good for family and office workers.

There is nothing much to say about the restaurant, nothing to complain about, its good enough for everyone

How to reach ?

Just follow the guidance given above for suruchi.

3.Hotel Monohar

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Monohar hotel has a mixed review about their food and services but during our visit we didn’t find any such disappointment because the dishes were good enough to be called as Bengali dish and tastes were good though but i felt like over priced and if you don’t want to visit the above mentioned restaurants then you should go for monohar hotel.

Photo by Payal Nandi

How to reach

It is opposite to Vishal Mega mart and very much near to Suruchi so you won’t find any difficulty to find it.

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