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Shillong Foodies Is dedicated to promote Food Tourism in Meghalaya and with an intention to support every big and small restaurants and entrepreneurs.

Whenever we can we support , promote and share reviews of amazing food hubs in the state and them required attention

Meghalaya is a tourist place and every year lakhs and lakhs of tourist visits Meghalaya, they all know where to go and where to stay but they don’t know what to it in Meghalaya.

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There is no louder voice in Meghalaya to talk about food hence, Shillong Foodies steps in to do it so.

We are on a mission to build Meghalaya’s biggest food community, where people can share their food reviews, recommend foods and restaurants, likes and dislikes, and discover the best delicacies available in the state.

We have built a Food Group in Facebook Called Shillong Foodies , We are Currently 2700 food members, Bloggers, Bakers & Restaurant Owners where they occasionally share and promote their foods and events. We would like to all the Shillong People to come forward and join our group and share their food reviews and food moments